The innovative and solution-focused team at CDCB works with USDA researchers and industry partners to develop and provide services and results that benefit dairy herds.

Meet the CDCB Team

Achieving progress requires a commitment of time, energy and expertise, and that is exemplified in the CDCB team. 

In 2020, CDCB expanded the team to satisfy the growing demand for services and products that benefit dairy producers. Opportunities continue to grow – to leverage genomic technologies, develop new data pipelines and continue improving dairy production. The CDCB team, along with research partners at USDA AGIL – is set to maximize these opportunities.

CDCB Personnel

João Dürr, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

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Javier Burchard, Ph.D.

Chief Innovation Officer

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José Carrillo, Ph.D.

Chief Data Officer

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Ezequiel Nicolazzi, Ph.D.

Chief Operation Officer

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Lillian Bacheller

Senior Applications Developer

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Cindy Ferrier

Office Manager

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Kristen Parker Gaddis, Ph.D.


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Gerald Jansen, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor

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Jay Megonigal

IT Manager

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Rodrigo Mota, Ph.D.

Applied Geneticist

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Frank Ross

System Administrator

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H. Duane Norman, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor and Industry Liaison

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Kaori Tokuhisa, MSC

Genomic Analyst

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George Wiggans, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor

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Xiao-Lin (Nick) Wu, Ph.D.

Product Development Manager

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Jhamal McKee

Junior Systems Administrator

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Heather Adams Enzenauer, Ph.D.

Applied Geneticist

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Andres Legarra, Ph.D

Senior Geneticist

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Katie Schmitt

Outreach Specialist

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Taylor Marie McWhorter, Ph.D.


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Courtney Hoff

Data Support Specialist

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Malia Caputo, PhD


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Tanji Wendroff

Project Manager

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The CDCB Team in February 2023

FIRST ROW (L-R): Kendra Randall, Lillian Bacheller, Kristen Parker Gaddis, Taylor Marie McWhorter, Cindy Ferrier, Rodrigo Mota

SECOND ROW (L-R): Jay Megonigal, Heather Adams Enzenauer, Katie Schmitt, Duane Norman, Jhamal McKee, Lauren Thomas

THIRD ROW (L-R): Gerald Jansen, George Wiggans, José Carrillo, João Dürr, Andres Legarra, Ezequiel Nicolazzi, Frank Ross

NOT PICTURED: Javier Burchard, Malia Caputo, Courtney Hoff, Marius Temzem, Kaori Tokuhisa, Tanji Wendorff, Nick Wu

CDCB Internship Program

CDCB has hosted summer interns since 2016 to support the next generation of aspiring scientists. CDCB interns have a unique opportunity to work directly with leading scientists at CDCB and USDA AGIL and conduct research in their area of interest.

CDCB Interns

Jonathan Layton (2023)

Sydney Jewell (2021)

Elif Gunai (2018)

Joe-Menwer Tabet (2023)

Fiona Guinan (2019)

Isaac Haagen (2017)

Tori Iqbal (2022)

Taylor McWhorter (2019)

Maci Lienemann-Mueller (2017)

Larissa Novo (2022)

Anil Sigdel (2021)

Laura Jensen (2019)

Amber Gabel Smith (2016)

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