John B. Cole, Ph.D.

Chief Research and Development Officer


John serves CDCB as the Chief Research and Development Officer. Before coming to CDCB, he spent three years as the Senior Vice President, Research and Development, for PEAK Genetics, where he oversaw genetics and reproductive biology research for the largest producer of cattle genetics in the world. Prior to joining PEAK, he spent 17 years as a Research Geneticist (Animals) and Acting Research Leader for USDA’s Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory (formerly the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory). John has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed research articles, mentored many postdoctoral scientists and graduate students, and is a frequent speaker at industry and scientific meetings. His research has been recognized with the Jay L. Lush Award in Breeding and Genetics from the American Dairy Science Association, the Distinguished Service Award from the National Dairy Herd Information Association, and the National Association of Animal Breeders Peer Research Award.

A native of South Louisiana, he holds a PhD in animal breeding and genetics from Louisiana State University and is a graduate of the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. His research interests include genetic improvement of fertility, health, and fitness traits in dairy cattle; development of economic selection indices; pedigree analysis; biological mechanisms underlying fertility; and recessive genetic defects. He’s also a Life Member of the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department and is a founding member of the Lethal Recessives. John, his wife Misty, and their sons Ellery and Henry live in Sun Prairie, WI, with two cats of dubious origin.

Projects & Publications