Lillian Bacheller

Senior Applications Developer

Lillian Bacheller has served as Senior Applications Developer at CDCB since June 2019, after working as an Information Technology Specialist at USDA/ARS/AGIL for 42 years. Lillian earned her Computer Science degree from University of Maryland, College Park. While at USDA, Lillian developed code in IBM 370 Assembler, Fortran, and C. She served 30 years as a Database Administrator and Systems Administrator of numerous servers. She developed and maintained both the phenotypic and genomic editing systems. Lillian was honored with NDHIA Outstanding Service Award in 2010 and USDA-ARS Superior Effort Technology Transfer Award in 2000 (photo).

Projects & Publications

Constructed ID's: Eliminating Pedigree Dead Ends

Knowing an animal’s ancestry several generations back is certainly the goal for breeders; however, there are instances where animals have a gap in their pedigree. To fill in more pedigree gaps, CDCB is implementing a new solution starting in February 2023.

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Bayesian parentage discovery revisited for dairy cattle applications

Genetics Selection Evolution, 2020 (pending)

Discovering ancestors and connecting relatives in large genomic databases

Journal of Dairy Science, 2019

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Enhancements to U.S. genetic and genomic evaluations in 2018 and 2019

Interbull Bulletin, 2020

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Methods for discovering and validating relationships among genotyped animals

Interbull Bulletin, 2018

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Confirmation and discovery of maternal grandsires and great-grandsires in dairy cattle

Journal of Dairy Science, 2013

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Maternal grandsire confirmation and discovery in dairy cattle

Journal of Animal Science, 2012

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Selection and management of DNA markers for use in genomic evaluation

Journal of Dairy Science, 2010

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