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Genetic Evaluations

Net Merit Indices

CDCB publishes four selection indices that combine many traits into a single value that drives genetic progress, ranks animals and streamlines management decisions.

Individual Traits

CDCB evaluations measure genetic variation for 50 traits important to dairy producers, with most U.S traits expressed as Predicted Transmitting Abilities, or PTAs.

Genomic Evaluations

Genomic selection allows breeders to make accurate selection decisions at a much earlier age, even before the actual performance of the animal or its offspring can be measured.

Evaluation Types & Access

CDCB releases three types of genetic evaluations at various times – weekly, monthly, and triannual – to best serve the diverse needs of animal owners and stakeholders.

Genetic Evaluation Schedule

CDCB, data partners and genomic nominators work diligently to transmit quality data through the U.S. system and expedite genetic and genomic evaluations for all relevant animals.

WebConnect Service

Access CDCB genetic and genomic evaluation results for individual animals.

Collaborator Portal

Access CDCB Redmine files and documentation.