Andres Legarra, Ph.D.

Senior Geneticist


Andres Legarra joined CDCB as Senior Geneticist, effective January 1, 2023. He works on genetic improvement of livestock with strong emphasis in genetic evaluation with phenotypes, pedigree and markers, and he enjoys making incursions in pure Quantitative Genetics. Andres has vast experience in quantitative genetics and animal breeding in Spain, the U.S. and France, where he most recently served as Research Director in Animal Genetics at INRA-Toulouse. Within a large network of collaborators, he actively develops the Single Step GBLUP method, which is becoming the standard in genomic prediction. Lately, he has been working in extensions of Single Step GBLUP to crosses, dominance and epistasis. Andres is also Senior Editor, Genetics and Genomics section for Journal of Dairy Science®. Speaking fluently three languages, he believes in the great value of international collaborations. He also believes that key ingredients to science are rigor, enthusiasm, fun and usefulness.