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Dairy Goat Evaluations

For dairy goats, CDCB calculates genetic evaluations for yield in August and December and type traits in December.

Breeds and Traits Evaluated

Genetic evaluations for production and type are computed for the following dairy goat breeds. Only animals with registered sires are evaluated.

Yield traits include Milk, Fat and Protein, published in August and December. To describe the physical characteristics of animals, 13 linear type traits plus final score are published in December. The genetic evaluations rank animals relative to one another using a defined base, with zero being the center point.

To provide an overall ranking, Net Merit is provided for dairy goats by combining evaluations for milk, fat, protein. Fluid Merit includes milk and fat.

Dairy Goat Data Flow

Yield and pedigree data is collected through the Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) program, similar as for U.S. dairy cattle. Type and pedigree data is supplied by the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).

Because quality results are driven by accurate data, CDCB has a robust process to validate information. After computation, CDCB provides the genetic evaluations to ADGA, Dairy Records Processing Centers and the public through CDCB WebConnect.

WebConnect Service

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American Dairy Goat Association

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Benefits of Genetic Evaluations

As with dairy cattle and other livestock, genetic evaluations allow for improvement of desired traits by identifying the genetics that a buck or doe can transmit to offspring. The sophisticated U.S. system allows for comparison of animals from different herds and in different environments. Goat owners can use genetic selection to improve milk production, conformation and profitability of their herd as they make breeding decisions to provide replacements and initiate milk production.

In dairy goats, the greatest genetic gain is through selection of males. Artificial Insemination (A.I.) enables widespread use of superior bucks and enables progeny-test bucks to be used across herds.

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Milestones in Dairy Goat Evaluations


First evaluations for milk, fat, and protein yields for bucks


Evaluations available for milk, fat, and protein yields for does


Sire model for final score evaluations


Animal model replaced the sire model for yield traits


Collection of linear traits by ADGA began


Linear type trait evaluations available


Multi-trait animal model replaced the sire model for type


Genetic evaluations for Nigerian Dwarf goats began