Data Usage Request

To advance dairy management and genetic research, CDCB provides data from the National Cooperator Database to research institutions for approved uses.

External Data Requests

One of the strategic purposes for the National Cooperator Database is to provide current and historical data to assist in research and develop tools that support dairy cattle improvement. As the largest dataset of dairy phenotypic, genotypic and pedigree information, researchers worldwide have interest in utilizing information from the CDCB database.

The CDCB External Data Request policy outlines the process and requirements for data requests for both commercial and research applications. For all applications, the first step is completion of the CDCB Data Request Form.

Data Permissions

The existing material license agreements between CDCB and its data providers allow the CDCB to use the collaborator’s data for the purpose of genetic and genomic evaluations, as well as to publish general statistics on performance and management of dairy herds. No access to third parties is allowed unless authorized by the provider, which is accounted for in the process for external data usage. Examples of collaborator-provided data include pedigrees, test day and lactation records, reproductive records, calving traits records, type appraisals, genotypes and herd information.

Most results from genetic and genomic evaluations are made publicly available on CDCB WebConnect.

WebConnect Service

Access CDCB genetic evaluations, top animal rankings, summary stats and national performance metrics

National Dairy Trends

View summaries of DHI participation and U.S. dairy herd performance including production, somatic cell count, and reproductive status