CDCB Activity Reports

CDCB distributes an annual report each October to share highlights, milestones, research and development.

Activity Report Oct 2022 – Sep 2023

Alongside delivery of the genetic evaluations and managing the National Cooperator Database, CDCB has strategically invested in technology and systems modernization, development of new data pipelines and new trait discovery.

The 2023 Activity Report highlights the progress made by the CDCB team, collaborators, and partners at USDA AGIL and other research institutions. Progress from Oct 2022 to Sep 2023 included:

  • Complete transition to the modernized WebConnect for animal queries, lists and national performance metrics
  • Revamp of as the CDCB “storefront”
  • Initiation of upgrades to the data ingestion system
  • Collection of lameness data through new technologies and hoof health findings
  • Discovery around milking speed data pipeline and genetic evaluations based on quantitative data
  • Progress to update the milk yield projection factors and support related on-farm tools that fit current dairy management
  • New and continued efforts to enhance feed efficiency data and evaluations, while initiating research to develop a methane emission trait
  • Emphasis on collaboration and engagement with a new CDCB Outreach Specialist
  • Hosting of the first National Cooperator Dairy Database Workshop
  • Enhanced support for Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn breeders through the Dairy Breed Improvement Collaboration
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