Tanji Wendroff

Project Manager

Tanji has worked in multiple industries over her 21-year career. In 2007, she joined the US Air Force, specializing in supply chain management. After two deployments, she left the military and continued to work as an inspector for the US Department of Defense. In 2010, she received her undergraduate degree from Eastern New Mexico University and moved to Colorado to take a supply chain role in the private sector and later in technology sales. Today, she is working on her master’s degree in clinical counseling and is working towards making other people’s lives better. Tanji is an avid skier, hiker, mountain biker, climber, traveler, and all-around-outdoors woman.

Projects & Publications

Seeking 2024 CDCB Intern Candidates

In summer 2024, CDCB will again offer internships to dairy or animal science students during their junior, senior, or graduate study program.

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December 2023 Evaluation Changes: What’s New?

Changes for the December 5, 2023, CDCB evaluations include updated imputation results for all breeds, new haplotype calls for early onset muscle weakness syndrome in Holsteins, and update to the haplotype calls for cholesterol deficiency in Holsteins.

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Introduction of HMW: The Haplotype Call for Early Onset Muscle Weakness Syndrome

The December 5, 2023, dairy cattle genetic evaluations will contain a new haplotype call for Early Onset Muscle Weakness Syndrome (HMW).

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