CDCB and USDA have produced a wealth of educational information over the years. Check here for foundational historical documents.

NameLast UpdatedTypeAccess
Genomic Evaluations Including Crossbred AnimalsMay 2024Video
How Concerned Should We Be About Inbreeding?May 2024PDF
CDCB Extends Genomic Evaluations to CrossbredsMay 2024PDF
What's Going on with Calving Ease?May 2024PDF
Calving Ease, Stillbirth Evaluations EnhancedMay 2024PDF
August 2020 Calving Traits Will Reflect Lower Breed AveragesMay 2024PDF
CDCB Health Traits FAQsMay 2024PDF
CDCB Intern Post 2024November 2023PDF
CDCB 2023 Industry Mtg Genetic Factor Panel Q&A November 2023PDF
Joao Durr National Database 10_04_2023October 2023PDF
Wu: Supplemental Graphs March 10, 2023September 2023PDF
Genomic Selection in the USAJune 2023PPT
Information on Constructed IDsFebruary 2023PDF
Webinar: Information on Constructed IDS February 2023Video
Constructed ID’s: Eliminating Pedigree Dead Ends February 2023PDF
Constructed ID’s Frequently Asked QuestionsFebruary 2023PDF
JDS Communications™: Daily Milk Yield Correction Factors. What Are They?December 2022PDF
Technical Genetic Evaluation Information (Geno Forms): Calving TraitsOctober 2022PDF
Technical Genetic Evaluation Information (Geno Forms): ConformationOctober 2022PDF
Technical Genetic Evaluation Information (Geno Forms): Female FertilityOctober 2022PDF