New Net Merit formula debuts this week

João Dürr, Ph.D.

August 9, 2021

With the genetic evaluations on August 10, 2021, dairy producers have an improved tool to breed for more profitable and feed-efficient cows.  By João Dürr,…

National SCC average falls to 178,000

Taylor Leach for Dairy Herd Management

August 9, 2021

In 2020, U.S. dairy herds’ somatic cell count (SCC) averaged 178,000 cells/mL, according to the National Mastitis Council.  By Taylor Leach for Dairy Herd Management

Feed Efficiency Indexes: Which one will you use?

Murray Hunt for The Bullvine

August 6, 2021

Today farmers are focusing on maximizing net returns, productivity, efficient use of inputs and resources, and keeping costs under control.  By Murray Hunt, for The…

August 2021: Changes to Evaluation System

Mahesh Neupane Kristen Parker Gaddis Paul VanRaden Rob Tempelman

August 1, 2021


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