Accreditation for Parentage Verification Extended by ICAR


February 10, 2023

CDCB has been re-accredited as a DNA Data Interpretation Center for parentage verification by ICAR, the International Committee for Animal Recording. This certification is part…

Announcing QDisc

Ezequiel Nicolazzi

February 10, 2023

By Ezequiel NicolazziCDCB announces a new service, QDisc, or quick discovery of close relatives. This quick-turnaround service uses the ICAR-defined parentage SNP to discover close relatives. This…

Constructed ID’s: Eliminating Pedigree Dead Ends

Lillian Bacheller José Carrillo Ezequiel Nicolazzi George Wiggans

February 1, 2023

Knowing an animal’s ancestry several generations back is certainly the goal for breeders; however, there are instances where animals have a gap in their pedigree.…

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