Genetic Diversity Focus of Recent ADSA® Conference

Written by CDCB

May 12, 2022

Genetic Diversity Focus of Recent ADSA® Conference

Managing Genetic Diversity for Future Dairy and Livestock Breeding” was the theme of the recent Discover Conference hosted by American Dairy Science Association® on April 19-21, 2022. Several CDCB geneticists participated, representing CDCB as an event sponsor.
Presentations, discussion sessions, and breakout groups were organized by the following conference themes (agenda):

  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Use and Management of Genetic Diversity
  • Breeder Perspectives
  • Marketing and Exchange of Genetic Resources
  • Tools for Managing Genetic Diversity

The conference attracted 100 registrants (In-person and virtual live access) representing 9 Countries and 24 U.S. States; industry from 8 Countries and 16 U.S. States; and 20 Universities. Attendees represented breed associations, dairy producers, genetic and genomic companies, university scientists, government agencies, and graduate students.

Consensus was reached on many issues for managing genetic diversity including:

  • The industry is already addressing inbreeding;
  • Genetic diversity has declined, and the industry has the responsibility to learn more about genetic diversity and provide scientific answers;
  • There are substantial gaps in knowledge that require research to better understand and quantify positive and negative impacts of inbreeding; and
  • The segments of the industry are part of large/global livestock industries and contributions across each industry segment are needed.
  • The industry still has some differing views of the urgency to mitigate inbreeding and diversity issues; the approaches for mitigation; who pays for solutions (equitable costs across segments), and who regulates.

There has already been follow-up with plans and strategies for collaboration among representatives from industry, academia, and the USDA Agricultural Research Service to address the next steps to manage genetic diversity.

Interpretative Summaries
Click here for presenters’ summaries of their topic.
Poster Presentations
Five posters were accepted for presentation during the conference:

  • Genetic diversity of the Jersey breed. B. Heins
  • Identification of a haplotype associated with recumbency in Holstein calves. C.D. Dechow, E. Frye, F.P. Maunsell
  • Changes in genetic trends and inbreeding in US dairy cattle since the implementation of genomic selection. F.L. Guinan, G.R. Wiggans, H.D. Norman, J.W. Dürr, J.B. Cole, C.P. Van Tassell, I. Misztal, and D. Lourenco
  • Creating emphasis on genetic diversity in breeding decisions. J. Crowley, F. Hely1, P. Amer and A. Cromie
  • Sub-populations within the US Holstein breed can be revealed and used to manage genetic diversity. Y. Steyn, T. Lawlor, A. Legarra, D. Lourenco, I. Misztal

ADSA Discover Conferences are designed to encourage in-depth discussion and interaction among scientists and all stakeholders, in an environment supporting free and open exchange of new or controversial issues.