Seeking 2024 CDCB Intern Candidates

Written by CDCB

November 17, 2023

Seeking 2024 CDCB Intern Candidates

In summer 2024, CDCB will again offer internships to aspiring scientists. Dairy or animal science students in their junior, senior, or graduate study program will be considered. Find more details here, including how to apply by January 31, 2024.

The work opportunity provided will include learning and using research techniques to analyze dairy cattle genetics and management data. The work to be performed on location in Prince George’s County of Maryland is to benefit the mission of both the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) and USDA’s Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory (AGIL). The two organizations have a long history of performing quality research and publishing the findings as evident by several members of their staff having been recipients of the J. L. Lush Award in Animal Breeding from the American Dairy Science Association and/or the National Association of Animal Breeders’ Research Award.

The internship will be tailored to satisfy the priorities of the two organizations and the interest of the student. The student will become involved in one or more projects in an area which is a priority focus of the CDCB’s and AGIL’s research effort. The student will work with one or more staff members to plan, conduct, and summarize their projects. At the end of the summer, the student will prepare an oral or written report summarizing their internship achievements. Review the projects and outcomes by the 2023 interns, Jonathan Layton and Joe-Menwer Tabet in the 2023 CDCB Activity Report.
2024 will mark the eighth year of this commitment to help develop future talent in dairy genetics and animal breeding. We salute the previous CDCB interns and congratulate each on their early career achievements!

  • Amber Gabel Smith (2016)
  • Maci Lienemann-Mueller (2017)
  • Isaac Haagen (2017)
  • Elif Gunai (2018)
  • Fiona Guinan (2019)
  • Laura Jensen (2019)
  • Taylor McWhorter (2019)
  • Sydney Jewell (2021)
  • Anil Sigdel (2021)
  • Tori Iqbal (2022)
  • Larissa Novo (2022)
  • Jonathan Layton (2023
  • Joe-Menwer Tabet (2023)