CDCB Partners

More than 60 U.S. and international organizations work together to create the best possible genetic results for dairy producers.

Member Sectors

The four CDCB member-sectors represent U.S. dairy producers, data record processors, breed associations and artificial insemination companies. This synergy between farmer-focused organizations is central to assure accurate evaluations based on quality data.

Dairy Records Providers (DRP) are state or regional organizations owned by dairy producers that operate the U.S. national milk recording program. DRPs gather cow performance data from farms and develop reports that support sound herd management decisions.

Dairy Records Processing Centers (DRPCs) standardize farm data to generate dairy herd management reports and transfer data to the CDCB cooperator database for research and genetic evaluations.

Purebred Dairy Cattle Association, Inc. (PDCA) is a federation of the seven U.S. dairy breed registry associations representing over 60,000 total members. 

Purebred Dairy Cattle Association

National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) is an association of the organizations engaged in artificial insemination and marketing of U.S. genetics. 

Genomic Nominators & Labs

Genomic nominators and labs are essential partners in the genotyping of animals and delivery of genomic evaluations to dairy producers and animal owners.

Genomic Nominators are the conduit between dairy producers and owners of animals that will be genotyped and receive a U.S. genomic evaluation from CDCB. Nominators must meet CDCB quality certification guidelines before they are permitted to participate in the system, and their performance is monitored routinely and audited annually.

Genotyping labs analyze biological samples to determine differences in the animal’s genetic makeup, with genotype results provided to the CDCB national cooperator database. Laboratories must meet CDCB quality certification guidelines before they are permitted to participate in the system, and their performance is audited on an annual basis. 

International Cooperators

CDCB cooperates with similar organizations in several countries, from formal data exchanges to disseminating genetic information that supports global animal rankings. This cooperation maximizes the potential for genetic progress to benefit dairy herds worldwide.

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an integral partner in the research and development of U.S. dairy genetic tools and information.USDA is the federal department that provides leadership on agriculture, food and related topics based on public policy and the best available science. Divisions that partner with CDCB include: