Genetic Event Recap: WCGALP

Written by CDCB

August 19, 2022

Genetic Event Recap: WCGALP

U.S. dairy research was well-represented at WCGALP – the 12th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP) held July 3-8 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. WCGALP is renowned as the premier international conference covering livestock species.
Among the 65 sessions were exciting plenary speakers, recurrent species-orientated sessions, and sessions on specific challenges for animal breeding – like large-scale phenotyping of individual animals, use of whole genome sequence data and improving genomic prediction, and sessions on the contribution that genetics can make to societal challenges, like animal welfare, climate change, biodiversity or control of infectious diseases. Find more information and links in the WCGALP Scientific Programme.
Presentations by CDCB and USDA AGIL Scientists
Changes in genetic trends for dairy cattle in the U.S. since the implementation of genomic selection
Guinan, F.L.; Wiggans, G.R.; Dürr, J.W.; Norman, H.D.; Cole, J.B.; Van Tassell, C.P.; Misztal, I.; Lourenco, D.

Comparison of single-step and multi-step evaluations for U.S. milk, fat, and protein
Mota, R.R.; Cesarani, A.; Vanraden, P.M.

Options for evaluating multiple breeds in a single-step GBLUP for US dairy population
Cesarani, A.; Lourenco, D.; Vanraden, P.M.; Nicolazzi, E.L.; Legarra, A.; Tsuruta, S.; Misztal, I.

Estimates of genetic parameters for feeding behavior traits and its association with feed efficiency in Holstein cows
Cavani, L.; Brown, W.E.; Parker Gaddis, K.L.; Tempelman, R.J.; Vandehaar, M.J.; White, H.M.; Peñagaricano, F.; Weigel, K.A.

Patterns of inbreeding and selection using runs of homozygosity in North American dairy cattle
Lozada-Soto, E.A.; Tiezzi, F.; Cole, J.B.; Vanraden, P.M.; Maltecca, C.

Recent advances and future needs in genotype imputation
Vanraden, P.M.; Null, D.J.; Al-Khudhair, A.S.

The rising popularity of embryo transfer in U.S. dairy cattle and implications for national fertility evaluations
Miles, A.M.; Hutchison, J.L.; Vanraden, P.M.