Distribution and Types of U.S. Evaluation

U.S. dairy genetic evaluations are released weekly, monthly and triannually – dependent on animal status. The triannual evaluations are in April, August and December.

Evaluation Types & Frequency

CDCB releases three types of genetic evaluations, generally on Tuesdays.

Triannual Evaluation

  • Official evaluations in April, August, and December for all animals
  • Genomic and traditional progeny evaluations are updated as new phenotypic data is included
  • Top Animal Rankings and Summary Statistics updated

Monthly Genomic Evaluation

  • Official genomic evaluations for all qualifying genotyped animals
  • No updates in the phenotypic records are applied

Weekly Genomic Evaluation

  • Preliminary evaluations not used for marketing animals or semen
  • Used for quick decisions for mating, culling and herd management

U.S. Triannual Evaluation Dates

YearDate 1Date 2Date 3
2024April 2August 13December 3
2023April 4August 8December 5

CDCB Genetic Evaluation Types

 Official?Phenotype Updates Applied?Animals that Receive EvaluationsOrganizations that Receive ResultsResults Available to PubicTiming
WeeklyOnly animals having usable genotypes for first timeGenomic nominators, breed associations and DRPCsNew young male animalsTuesday
All qualifying genotyped animalsGenomic nominators, breed associations, DRPCs and CDDR partnersNew young male animals1st Tuesday of month
All animals, genotyped or notAll industryAll males, top 5% and elite females, summary statisticsApril, August and December
✔ for yield traits
Young AI bulls (NAAB status G/P) that added daughters since last triannual releaseA.I. OrganizationsNot availableApprox. 1 month after triannual release

Between triannual releases, genomic evaluations are not released for bulls already marketed through A.I. to provide consistency.

CDCB Genetic Evaluation Schedule and Resources

Deadlines and dates for monthly, triannual and interim evaluations

2024 Schedule

2023 Schedule

WebConnect for CDCB Results

Access CDCB genetic evaluations, top animal rankings, summary stats and national performance metrics.

General users can access public information without cost or registration. CDCB industry partners – upon registration – have privileged access to some queries necessary to share and utilize the results.

Customer Service Portal

Access CDCB Redmine files and documentation for genomic nominators, genotype labs and data providers

Information Access on CDCB WebConnect

 Public AccessRegistration RequiredTiming of Update
Animal Queries
Day of triannual evaluation: Animal evaluations and evaluation-linked results (some data requires registration)
Real-time update: Animal pedigrees, identification and other permanent info
Top Animal Listing: Males
Day of triannual evaluation: Results for all bulls
Thursday after triannual results: Subsets of bulls by NAAB status (i.e., Active AI, Inactive, Foreign)
Top Animal Listing: Females
Day of triannual evaluation: Results for all cows and heifers
Breed Means, Bases and Heterosis
Thursday before triannual evaluation
Comparison of A.I. Bull Evaluations
Thursday before triannual evaluation
Comparison of Genomic and Traditional Evaluations
Thursday before triannual evaluation
Elite Cow and Heifer Statistics
Thursday before triannual evaluation
Genetic Trend
Thursday before triannual evaluation
Percentile Tables
Thursday before triannual evaluation
Bull Statistics
Day of triannual evaluation
Source of Top 100 bulls on Each Country’s Scale
Day of triannual evaluation
Average Evaluations by Country of Most Daughters
Day of triannual evaluation
National Performance MetricsYearly, in February
Genomic Nominator Performance Metrics
Day of monthly/triannual evaluation
Genotyping Lab
Performance Metrics
Day of monthly/triannual evaluation
Genotype Counts
Day of monthly/triannual evaluation