50 Attendees Join Hybrid Workshop for Nominators, Labs

Written by CDCB

September 14, 2022

50 Attendees Join Hybrid Workshop for Nominators, Labs

CDCB hosted its fifth annual workshop for genomic nominators and labs on September 7 and 8, with 51 participants – 33 joining virtually and 18 in-person near Baltimore, Maryland. The participants represented breed associations, artificial insemination companies, genotyping laboratories, National Dairy Herd Information Association (NDHIA) and National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB).

“Our system is unique with robust standards and expectations to maintain integrity of the CDCB database and evaluations,” said José Carrillo, CDCB Chief Data Officer. “We are continually working to improve our services and communication, and this workshop allows us to interact with and learn from the CDCB collaborators that are vital to delivering quality U.S. genomic evaluations.”

Diverse topics, presenters headline the program
The agenda included several topics important to maintain data quality, evaluation accuracy and streamlined information flow, with frequent discussion periods.

  • CDCB Quality Certification program
  • Web Connect implementation
  • Evaluation updates
  • Future developments
  • NAAB Dairy Cross Reference Database
  • CDCB and A.I. service fees
  • Dairy Breed Improvement Collaboration

Thanks to all attendees for their active involvement!