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Premier Dairy Genetic Information Services and Collaboration

CDCB manages the national cooperator database, calculates and distributes the U.S. genetic evaluations and genomic predictions, and aggregates dairy cattle data.

How CDCB Supports Dairy Farmers

Provides premier dairy genetic information services, genetic and genomic evaluations, and management performance benchmarks

Manages the national cooperator database of dairy phenotypic and genomic data, the world’s largest animal database

Leverages cutting-edge research, working with USDA AGIL to produce quality genetic evaluations and indexes as Net Merit $

Expands the foundation of more than a century of recorded U.S. dairy cattle performance and research

Empowers continuous improvement and sustainability progress in dairy herds worldwide


Genotypes in National Cooperator Database (May 2024)


percent of genotyped animals are female (Sep 2023)


Animals receiving CDCB evaluations (Dec 2023)


Traits calculated by CDCB

Latest News from CDCB

August Evaluation Changes

Updates related to 305-AA, Constructed IDs, Heifer Livability, Brown Swiss Rear Teat Placement, new SNP list, Breed Base Representation and gene tests.

2024 Evaluation Schedule

See deadlines and timelines for CDCB genetic evaluations, released weekly, monthly and triannually.

What’s new at CDCB?

See the latest news, including updates to genetic evaluations