Introducing the new!

Written by CDCB

October 27, 2022

Introducing the new!

A brand new CDCB website was unveiled October 27, delivering more, easy-to-access info about U.S. dairy genetics.
As CDCB collaborators and genetic enthusiasts, we invite you to explore the revamped website, which provides a plethora of new resources and information on U.S. dairy genetics.
Our goals in the site transformation were improved user experience, more intuitive navigation, modern design and graphics, and expanded resources that describe the value of U.S. dairy genetic evaluations.
Guide to the renovated website

  • U.S. DAIRY PROGRESS showcasing the impact of genetics and genomics, along with genetic milestones.
  • ABOUT CDCB featuring the individuals and organizations that contribute to the U.S. dairy genetic system
  • SERVICES describing the national cooperator database, U.S. genetic evaluations for cattle and goats, genomic processes, Merit indices, CDCB traits, and haplotypes and genetic conditions.
  • INNOVATION highlighting current research, R&D collaborators and how-to request CDCB data.
  • RESOURCE CENTER as one stop for definitions, resources and answers to frequent questions
  • NEWS & EVENTS revamped with recent articles, meeting recordings and news about dairy genetics.

We hope the new site provides an improved experience and helpful resources as you use and promote U.S. dairy genetics!