CDCB WebConnect: Enhanced for Mobile

Written by CDCB

December 09, 2022

CDCB WebConnect: Enhanced for Mobile

Mobile and tablet users: CDCB’s WebConnect is now enhanced with convenient design and accessibility on your smartphone or tablet while on-the-go or on-the-farm.

Mobile WebConnect is a compact version of our full WebConnect site. Mobile WebConnect highlights the general CDCB services, equivalent to data available through “Public” access on the full WebConnect. This includes the queries that allow users to search animal pedigree or evaluation data, as well as viewing of various lists, reports and statistics.

2022 will be marked as a transformational year for CDCB technology and services.

The December 6 triannual evaluations were the first with all web reports and evaluation results distributed exclusively through WebConnect. This new platform was launched in May and ran parallel with CDCB’s legacy data system for 6 months, for user familiarity and enhanced functionality.
The renovated was unveiled in October, delivering an improved user experience, more intuitive navigation, modern design and graphics, and expanded resources about U.S. genetic evaluations.
It is our goal for all users to have an improved experience and convenient access to U.S. evaluations and data, with these CDCB investments in data infrastructure and web applications.