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December 2017: Changes to Evaluation System

Leigh Walton and Rohith Shetty and Jana Hutchinson and Jay Megonigal and Ezequiel Nicolazzi and H Duane Norman and Kristen Parker Gaddis and Paul VanRaden and George Wiggans and Dan Null and John Cole

December 1, 2017

Starting December 2017, the CDCB will publish the second Ayrshire haplotype affecting fertility. The publication of this important information for the Ayrshire breed is possible thanks to the research led by AGIL researches and the cooperation with CDN, who confirmed the preliminary results obtained in the US population.

August 2017: Changes to Evaluation System

Jay Megonigal and Paul VanRaden and Jan Wright

August 1, 2017

Genetic evaluations of males and genomic predictions of both sexes are now provided for gestation length (GL) as a new trait expressed in days.

April 2017: Changes to Evaluation System

Paul VanRaden and Tom Lawlor

April 1, 2017

Cow livability (LIV) was introduced as a new trait in August 2016 and is now included in lifetime net merit dollars (NM$). Cows that die are assumed to generate $1,200 less income than those sold for beef.

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