CDCB Dairy Database Stats

CDCB manages the National Cooperator Database of phenotypic and genotypic data – the world’s largest devoted to dairy cattle performance.


lactation records integrated in National Cooperator Database in 2023


4.1 million cows on official milk recording (DHI, 2021)


countries with animal genotypes included in CDCB database


dairy animals genotyped (May 3, 2024)


genotypes added in 2023


of genotyped animals are female


breeds represented in the genotypic database


of genotypes are Holstein


of genotypes are Jersey

Journey to 8 Million Genotypes

The first U.S. Holstein sires were genotyped in 2008. After 7 years, the 1 millionth genotype was added to the U.S. database. Since then, the database has grown exponentially – currently increasing by more than 1 million genotypes per year. The milestone of 8 million genotypes in the National Cooperator Database was recorded on August 31, 2023, with more than 8.5 million tallied as of December 31, 2023.

Growth of Genotyped Animals

The surge of genotypes has been propelled by adoption of female genotyping. Genomic evaluations are important tools for mating, culling and herd management decisions in dairy herds worldwide.

Source: Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding, 2021

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