What’s New? December 2022 CDCB Genetic Evaluations

Written by Ezequiel Nicolazzi , Paul VanRaden

November 01, 2022

What’s New? December 2022 CDCB Genetic Evaluations

CDCB and USDA AGIL personnel describe the changes to the upcoming U.S. genetic evaluations on December 6, 2022.

Web reports and results distribution exclusively via WebConnect
By Ezequiel L. Nicolazzi and Kendra Randall

The December 6, 2022, triannual evaluations will be the first run with the distribution of pre-, during- and post-release web reports and evaluation result listings accessible only through WebConnect. In the August 2022 evaluation release, reports and result listings were shared on both legacy and WebConnect, to allow users time to get acquainted with the new system. In line with the transition to the new website and the discontinuation of the legacy system, all dynamic results and reports will only be distributed via WebConnect after October 27.

Correction to pedigree usage in non-Holstein type traditional evaluation
By Ezequiel L. Nicolazzi and Paul VanRaden

An incorrect sort order in the pedigree file used in the non-Holstein type traditional evaluation was detected and fixed in the December 2022 evaluation. No other trait groups or breeds are affected.

The flaw determined a sub-optimal use of the pedigree, not allowing the model to use all the connections for non-Holstein animals. The largest impact, in terms of increase in reliability and changes in PTA, will be observed in pre-2000 bulls. For some individual post-2000 animals (both bulls and cows), variation will be observed. The impact on recent A.I. bulls was limited. Correlations in all traditional type evaluations for Jersey bulls were higher than 99.8% when compared to the official August 2022 release.

Including U.S.-only daughters and herds in Feed Saved
By Ezequiel L. Nicolazzi and Gary Fok

In the August 2022 evaluation, a procedure was implemented to (internally) improve the management of foreign evaluation. The new procedure had an unintended consequence of excluding information on Feed Saved herds and daughters in the format 38 (38alloff) for U.S.-only bulls. This small flaw is now resolved.