Research Updated: Pipeline for Hoof Health Data

Written by Javier Burchard

March 23, 2022

Research Updated: Pipeline for Hoof Health Data

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) is implementing a project to provide dairy producers with state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies to enhance hoof health and promote productivity and sustainability of the dairy enterprise. In September 2020, CDCB organized workshops to develop a plan for a pipeline for hoof health data in dairy cattle. A preliminary plan was completed December 2020. The plan objectives are: 1) Contribute phenotypes to create a joint U.S.-Canada genetic/genomic evaluation for hoof health traits, 2) Facilitate the advancement of hoof health management tools for dairy cattle, and 3) Support research and development opportunities in hoof health and locomotion.

In July 2021, CDCB and the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota (UMN) signed an agreement to collaborate on mobility and hoof health in dairy cattle. The agreement includes the following activities: 1) Provide training to hoof trimmers and farm personnel, 2) Develop the data collection framework and processes to ensure the needs of farms, hoof trimmers, industry and academia are met, 3) Create discussions and focus groups with hoof trimmers and farm personnel, and 4) Create extension resources based on focus group input.

In December 2021, CDCB and a dairy producer in Iowa (approximately 3000 cows) signed a data provider agreement that has been in operation since January 2022. Hoof health data is collected by hoof trimmers and farm managers trained through the CDCB-UMN project. Mobility and lameness data is captured using a Video Analytic Platform (VAP) that was supplied, installed and operated by the CattleEye company (

Dr. Gerard Cramer, the principal investigator (PI) from UMN, began providing training to hoof trimmers and farm personnel at the dairy farm. Regular meetings between CDCB, CattleEye, dairy farm managers and an IT service provider are taking place to develop an automatic data streaming procedure that will merge all on-farm collected information into a mobility/hoof health data pipeline. Additionally, Dr. Cramer has facilitated focus groups with hoof trimmers and farm personnel, resulting in  identified outreach needs to use the hoof health/lameness data and demonstrate the value of data. Dr. Kristen P. Gaddis, co-principal investigator from CDCB, is currently analyzing the first batch of data provided through the project to support the development of the data streaming process. Part of these analyses will be presented during the 21st International Symposium & 13th International Conference on Ruminant Hoof Health, August 1-5, 2022, in Minneapolis, Minn. Find conference details at

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