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August 2024 Evaluations: What’s New?

CDCB and USDA Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory

July 11, 2024

CDCB and USDA AGIL detail changes implemented for the triannual genetic evaluations on August 13, 2024, including 305-AA as the new standardized yield measurement, full implementation of Constructed IDs, Heifer Livability updates, Brown Swiss Rear Teat Placement trait, new SNP list, annual BBR update and inclusion of HH6 and JNS gene tests in haplotype calculations.

Introducing 305-AA: The New Standardized Yield Measurement


June 21, 2024

Beginning in June 2024, the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding’s (CDCB) publication of 305-ME (Mature Equivalent) will be discontinued and replaced by 305-AA (Average Age) as the standardized yield estimate for U.S. dairy cows.

CDCB Invests in Interns as Next Gen Scientists


June 6, 2024

For the eighth year, CDCB is providing internships for the next generation of animal scientists. Welcome Agustin Chasco, Gabriella Dodd and Gaurav Dutta, who will conduct research with scientists from CDCB and USDA AGIL during the summer of 2024.

April 2024 Evaluation Changes: What’s New?

CDCB and USDA Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory

March 7, 2024

CDCB and USDA AGIL announce enhancements in the U.S. dairy genetic evaluations on April 2, 2024.

System Downtime, Weekly Schedule Change


January 11, 2024

UPDATE: As of 10:30 a.m. eastern on Tuesday, January 16, CDCB systems are back online and fully operational after the scheduled hardware maintenance. Weekly evaluations will be released Wednesday, January 17.

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