George Wiggans

Constructed ID’s: Eliminating Pedigree Dead Ends

Lillian Bacheller José Carrillo Ezequiel Nicolazzi George Wiggans

February 1, 2023

Knowing an animal’s ancestry several generations back is certainly the goal for breeders; however, there are instances where animals have a gap in their pedigree.…

Genomic Selection in U.S. Dairy Cattle

José Carrillo George Wiggans

September 9, 2022

April 2020: Changes to Evaluation System

H Duane Norman Paul VanRaden George Wiggans

April 1, 2020


December 2019: Changes to evaluation system

Ezequiel Nicolazzi Paul VanRaden George Wiggans

December 1, 2019

Updates to crossbred evaluationsBy Ezequiel Nicolazzi (CDCB), George Wiggans (CDCB), Leigh Walton (CDCB) and Paul VanRaden (USDA-ARS-AGIL) Two important updates will be implemented in the…

December 2019: Changes to Evaluation System

Ezequiel Nicolazzi Paul VanRaden George Wiggans

December 1, 2019


April 2019: Changes to Evaluation System

George Wiggans Paul VanRaden

April 1, 2019


December 2017: Changes to Evaluation System

John Cole Jana Hutchinson Leigh Walton Jay Megonigal Rohith Shetty Ezequiel Nicolazzi H Duane Norman Kristen Parker Gaddis Paul VanRaden George Wiggans Dan Null

December 1, 2017


April 2016: Changes to Evaluation System

Sophie Eaglen Tabatha Cooper Janez Jenko William Luff John Woolliams Jay Megonigal Brian Schnebly H Duane Norman Joao Durr Paul VanRaden George Wiggans

April 1, 2016


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